Imagine your web site Designed elegantly, but simple and standards compliant, yet beautiful for a lot less time & money than you might think.


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Hi, I'm Mike Kennedy. I like web stuff—especially HTML5 & CSS3.

Spektre Design [spek-ter] is a creative outlet where I post articles about about technology, semantics, web development, and useful coding tips. I encourage the use of W3C standards and embracing new internet technologies.

Imagine for a moment how some of the biggest, most wealthy companies today had their beginnings. It all started out with just an idea. A thought, in someones mind. Perhaps just a few scribbled lines on a sheet of paper — And you too, have an idea. You have a dream. And you know that creating an online presence on the internet is an important step towards in getting to where you want to be. I can help get you there. Here is a small sample of the work I do:

View more in my portfolio. I can design and build your website to give you a online presence that will not only to be visually pleasing but also user friendly as well.