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My name is Mike Kennedy. I like web stuff—especially HTML / CSS and digital marketing.

I have been designing and maintaining web sites for over 15 years and I possess a wealth of knowledge about best practices. I have learned to produce both usable and aesthetically pleasing cross-browser designs, and I always strive to finish what I start.

Spektre Design [spek-ter] is a collection of creative thinking, writing, and work that represents the problem solving, solutions, and graphical elements that I've produced for various clients and organizations over the years. This site is also where I ramble on about design and all things that interest me.

technical skills

I'm a CSS expert. I can also code in HTML5. I'm proficient with troubleshooting many cross-browser compatibility issues. I can work in Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, or Notepad. I'm familiar with Subversion. I can use both Mac or Windows. I can make pretty things with PhotoShop, like Ad banners and buttons. I closely follow the current web standards, and I am a fan of light-weight clean HTML code. Semantics is my best friend. I can create landing pages, HTML emails, and mobile sites.

work experience

I have worked on several Web design teams, both freelance and professional. I have worked in federal government buildings, in state offices, in e-commerce, and from my own desk at home. For more details, view my profile on LinkedIn.

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varied interests

When I'm not building web sites I can usually be found studying Japanese, spending time with friends or family, traveling to exotic locations, or trying out all of the local restaurants I can find.

My hobbies include: Traveling, Retro Videogames (Mario/Sonic), Star Wars and Star Trek, writing restaurant reviews on Yelp, anything related to Batman, Smartphones and Smart watches, posting on Instagram, Speaking and writing in Japanese, and Disney/Pixar Animation.

A photo of Mike at Kualoa Ranch, in Oahu Hawaii