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Simplest PHP Gallery

This is by far, the simplest way to create a photo gallery using PHP. If you can make it better (but keeping the code the same size or smaller) please let me know.

   $d = dir('./');
   $i = 0;
   while(false !== ($e = $d->read())){
           echo '<img src="'.$e.'"/>'.chr(10);
               echo '
'; } } ?>

All you need to do is crop/resize the images and drop them in a folder, then use this PHP script which to read those images (with the same .gif file extension) from the specified folder. It will display those images on the page and insert a line break after each 5th image.

With a small modification you can modify this script to use thumbnails or a lightbox popup. Surely it can't get any smaller/easier than this!

Note: I didn't write this particular script so I cannot take credit for it.

Fri Oct 16th, 2015

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