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Photoshop Document (PSD) Layouts

For these websites I created the layout in Photoshop as a PSD file. Some of the photographs and icons and images were provided, but the overall color scheme and page layout I created myself. I then wrote the HTML and CSS code.

http://www.accgt.org/  |  playez  |  sasfquest

intranet  |  http://www.123driving.com/  |  http://www.dmvflorida.org/


For these websites I was given a PSD to work with. I took the PSD file and sliced it up, and then exported only the parts I needed before creating the HTML and CSS in Dreamweaver.

http://www.accsv.org/  |  http://www.creditfraudpolice.com/  |  http://www.cleanfish.com/

Image editing

Using Adobe Photoshop I can remove red eyes, skin marks, blemishes, and even the bubbles from a girls nose under water. (click to zoom in)

A photo of a girl under water with bubles in her nose.

A photo of a girl under water without bubles in her nose.

Or take an island girl (courtesy of Shutterstock) and put her in paradise.

A photo of an island girl with flowers behind her.

A photo of an beach scene in Hawaii.

A photo of an island girl with a beach scene in Hawaii behind her.

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